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Wikipedia 10 Kochi Participants
13 April, 2011

Wikipedia celebrated its tenth anniversary globally on the 15th of January 2011. Wikimedia celebrated this milestone with volunteers, donors, and other supporters on six continents. The celebration events encourages open participation to reflect on our collective accomplishments and goals for the future.

This event in Kochi brought together budding and active Wikipedia contributors from Kochi to celebrate 10 years of Wikipedia which also includes glorious 8 years of Malayalam Wikipedia. This event named ‘Wiki allround’ was organized in association with the regional Wiki community helped to raise awareness about Wikipedia, to expand the local Wikipedia chapter and for direct interaction between contributors and enthusiasts.

Conference Room, Edapally Changampuzha Park, Kochi, India

Directions: Nearest major bus stop is Edapally High School.
Map: Wikimapia

  1. Johnson AJ, johnsonaj29atgmail.com
  2. U Asokan
  3. Shereef Ali Khan
  4. Rana Marthandan
  5. Abdul Razak KA
  6. Nithin Naik, wikikochiatgmail.com
Brief Agenda
  1. Introduction to Wikimedia Foundation; How to utilize & contribute for Wikipedia
  2. Brief introduction to Malayalam Wikipedia
  3. Open discussions on Wikipedia and the Wiki communities

Participants who registered for the event

  1. Sreekanth R
  2. Mohammed Riyas
  3. Sina George
  4. Sanoop Sadique
  5. Anoop V
  6. John Thomas +919787079596
  7. Lakshman H
  8. Suresh Babu T 9895210562.
  9. Robin Tommy 8907905830.
  10. sachin scaria
  11. Hareesh Soorya SEO Consultant Keralahareeshsooryaatgmail.com
  12. Sibin Thomas Vithayathil
  13. Ajith Prakash web designergetmeajithatgmail.com
  14. Hegel J hegeljosephatgmail.com
  15. Jayamohanan C, email: jmohanc007atgmail.com.
  16. Firosh MuhammedAli email: firoshkm1atgmail.com.
  17. RAVI ABHISHEK EMAIL:sunnylovesalmity.thnkhatkeatgmail.com phone-> 9037293161
  18. Kannan T Raveendran EMAIL:ravi_son20atyahoo.co.in
  19. Rajasekharan K, <rajankilaathotmail.com>
  20. Haris PP, <ppharisatgmail.com> 9744777724
  21. Sanoj OP, <sanojopatgmail.com>
  22. arya saju, <aryasaju92atgmail.com>
  23. Neel Noel, neelsrampickalatgmail.com 9946818161
  24. George Joseph, geo.josephatgmail.com
  25. <shivendra kumar audaciousshivendraatyahoo.com>
  26. Siddharth G Menon <siddharthsaiatgmail.com> +919663341058
  27. Pranoy.T.M <goodpranoyatgmail.com>
  28. betson george<betson.georgeatgmail.com>


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