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Wikipedia 10 is a design concept offered here to help Wikimedia celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Wikipedia The concept was created by David Peters of EXBROOK, San Francisco, the design studio behind the Wikimedia Foundation's 2009 Annual Report and other ongoing design projects. All elements are provided under a CC-BY-SA licence for use by the Wikimedia community. These designs are the inspiration for the Wikipedia 10 merchandise.

This simple concept is intended to be widely re-mixed and re-purposed by anyone.

The core elements of the concept:

  • ten dots
  • Wikipedia word mark
  • numeral 10

are stacked on top in that order, but otherwise can be reused in any number of ways. Color, background, shapes, formats, size can all be modified. As an SVG, this concept can be easily edited in any free/opensource illustration or graphics package. The word 'Wikipedia' can be replaced with any localized language format, per some of the examples below. The mark can be reproduced digitally or re-used in product or large format printing situations.

The designers have assembled a PDF graphic handbook that demonstrates many potential uses for the mark. They have also developed the following sample gallery to encourage even more experimentation. Add your variation to the mark to help us globalize Wikipedia's 10th anniversary!

How to use the Wikipedia 10 mark

The Wikipedia 10 mark was designed to be easily customizable in other languages, and to be reused in a wide range of creative options. The galleries below demonstrate how the key elements of the mark can be overlayed and built into an endless number of configurations.

The mockup on the right shows the basic configuration of the Wikipedia 10 elements. There are no strict color guidelines for the mark to work, but like any well designed graphical system you should make sure that the words and the ideas are clear. Use simple colors that don't make it hard to read or understand. Use the SVG vector versions of the files when editing and adapting the mark. Upload both the SVG and the PNG versions to the gallery.

How to localize

These marks use the easy-to-identify Wikipedia wordmark between the ten dots and the numeral 10. The source SVG files can be found below. Use the Wikipedia wordmarks from the Commons gallery of commons:Wikipedia/2.0 localized Wikipedia identities (there are over 200 distinct combinations) so you can celebrate the 10th anniversary of Wikipedia in any language you like.

Taking the Wikipedia 10 mark further

The Wikipedia 10 mark can be used to produce celebratory merchandise, identify special web pages or other digital content, make posters or banners, name tags, birthday cakes, and much more. The designers developed this sample PDF guide to show some of the possible uses of the marks. Be creative and share your concepts and ideas in the gallery below.

Galleries - Core files

All Wikipedia 10 assets can be found on Wikimedia Commons. These versions were developed to begin the exploration of how the Wikipedia 10 mark could be used in a variety of ways. Interpret, add, remix and improve on the concept. Add your images to the galleries or create new galleries below.

Galleries - further interpretations of Wikipedia 10

Other design activities

Chrome wiki anniversary app https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search?q=10th+anniversary Chrome WP:10 Theme http://digitalpatriots.org/theme.crx

If you're interested in visually expressing the tenth anniversary, but don't have design skills or time, you can also help collect 10 year images.

Wikipedia 10 banners

A full gallery can be found at Wikimedia Commons. Some samples below.