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Over the next few months the Wikimedia Foundation is completing work on design projects that we hope will help celebrate the history and future of the Wikimedia movement. One of those projects, the Foundation's Annual Report, will be exploring our widely recognized vision to help tell our story:

Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That's our commitment.

How would we like to explore the vision? Through freely reusable images, of course. And we'd like your help to find the best images that embody the vision. The images you chose might make their way into the Wikimedia Foundation's designed products.

How you can help

Nominate and add images from the Wikimedia Commons that you feel embody each of the fragments of the vision statement.

Don't limit yourself too much, but as a guide those images generally fall into these technical guidelines

  • high resolution images that are print ready (300 dpi or better), generally speaking that's images over '3000 pixels' in width. The bigger the image, the better
  • optimally they should be landscape format images (to adapt to a spread of pages for printing purposes), but portrait formats may also work
  • images should have printable space, which simply means they should have some space where text or text boxes could appear
  • images might be bold, simple, subtle, complex, colorful, or maybe simple. They should be striking and compelling
  • they might be general images, people from the movement, historical or archival, or maybe illustrations
  • submissions should not be limited to just images you have uploaded
  • unfortunately for printed design work, sound and video files won't be considered, but you can include them here for fun.

We will be reviewing submissions through the middle of November, 2010, but this gallery can continue to grow and evolve over time. We'll let you know if your images are chosen.

Thanks for your help. Please use the talk page for comments or discussions.

Image gallery

Please add your image suggestions in the sections of the gallery below. Comments below the images are welcome. We've made a few suggestions to get things started - they're only intended to commence the process. Suggest completely new themes with unique photographs.

Imagine a world...

...in which every single human being

...can freely share

...in the sum of all human knowledge.


  • I've done a first draft of a video. I'm not a good speaker - if anyone could do better, he can send me the audio file. (Or make the video himself) -- MichaelSchoenitzer 15:09, 30 December 2010 (UTC)