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Wikipedia 10 Merchandise

Wikipedia t-shirt back.
Wikipedia t-shirt front.

To support the global celebrations around Wikipedia 10, the Wikimedia Foundation has produced a series of limited run 'Wikipedia 10' team shirts, as well as a new run of Wikipedia-branded t-shirts. We've also produced limited edition buttons, stickers, and labels.

We'd like to share these items with any Wikimedia chapters or other affiliated groups who reach out to us, post and describe their celebrations, and describe how these materials will be used. There will be a limited supply, so make sure to get your requests lined up early. Early in 2011 we may offer some of these materials for sale on a Wikimedia storefront.

"Party packs" sent to chapters and affiliates hosting recognized celebrations will consist of:

  • 50 t-shirts, broken into a selection of regular Wikipedia shirts and Wikipedia 10 'team' shirts,
  • a large supply of Wikipedia push-back buttons,
  • a similar supply of Wikipedia 10 buttons, Wikipedia decals,
  • and a supply of Wikipedia paper labels.

Organizers expecting more than 50 participants can request more party packs based on their needs.


Blue text variant
Green text variant
Yellow text variant

All t-shirts will be available in a range of sizes, small, medium, large, extra large, and some extra-extra large. We will also include several sizes specifically designed for women, though the majoirty of shirt sizes are intended for men or women. Each pack will contain a mix of color versions, and roughly equal numbers of Wikipedia and Wikipedia 10 themed shirts.


Buttons and other

Wikipedia 10 buttons
Wikipedia 10 button

These small one-inch (2.5cm) buttons will come in random groupings (of about 50-75) in party packs. The marks evoke different national identities, languages, cultures, and geographies as they relate to Wikipedia. The packs will also include a separate supply of 1" Wikipedia puzzle globe buttons.

You will also find a supply of "10 years of..." labels which let anyone write in what they believe ten years of Wikipedia means to them. These labels will be in English, but the templates in the design gallery can be easily localized.

Complete set as sent to WMI
A bunch of buttons