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Hi Everybody,

I'm an extremely curious person and an engineer at heart, I've got a habit of seeing things from points of view and thinking in ways that others would normally never bother to. I prefer looking at the bigger picture in any situation, to analyze a chain of events rather than single occurrences. I can talk at length on just about any topic, but prefer listening & learning when in company. I've got a knack of absorbing all sorts of miscellaneous bits of information, and have become a jack-of-all trades of sorts. I'll go out of my way to help anybody else, and that's one of the reasons I've joined wikipedia.

My interests in Wikipedia are in education, open public data.

In the past years I've worked with the Wikipedia for Schools Offline project and had copied it at a few schools in India.

I can be reached on nikhil (dot) js (at) gmail (dot) com.