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This is the time capsule of the Wikipedia 10 anniversary. Share your thoughts, wishes and ideas about the future of Wikipedia! This page will be protected till 2026 after a few days. Send a message to 2026, the Wikipedia 25 anniversary.

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  • Hi Wikipedia of 2026, I'm sure you will be bigger and better than ever then so I would first off like to thank the founder Jimmy Wales and for my greater knowledge of a few areas of expertise. Wikipedia will continue to grow and will be the worlds largest encyclopaedia by the end of its cycle and I am glad I have given something back by showing my appreciation towards this site. As you read this you will be celebrating your 25th Anniversary, just like I am celebrating the 10th Anniversary! Happy Birthday! AC User:
  • Hello Wikipedia of 2026. Wikipedia was such a useful tool in 2011, and I am sure it is still a useful tool in 2026.
  • My dear Wikipedia, my friend and companion. What would I do without you? You provide me with information about anything I throw at you. You helped me through school and the times I wanted to learn. Happy Birthday, and please don't ever change. Growth is a part of success, and I know you will grow into the WikiWonder of the world. Sincerely, KL. User:
  • Hello WIkipedia 2026, by this time my granddaughter will be turning 16 years old. I know that if she asks me a question from 2011 to 2026 it would include the words: online, Google and Wikipedia. I may not have done or edited a Wikipedia article yet, this 10th year birthday greeting and time capsule contribution will be a nice thing to leave behind. By the way, today we have been talking about the change of zodiac sign periods- go figure! Cheers! NTBoss
  • So, it's now 2026, 25 years of free knowledge for us all. I can't imagine how important you will be by then. I just take a look at the situation right now, and it's amazing. We've built (i've helped a little in the Spanish version, but i am so proud of it) such a great tool for every single person in this planet. I hope now you're 25 all this information keeps safe and accesible, and contributes to make a better, well-informed world. This project is an example of how we humans can cooperate to achieve great objectives, stay on this road! - Michele Balbi
  • Bonjour aux Wikipédiens francophones, peut-être le nombre d'articles fr aura-t-il dépassé le nombre actuel d'article en anglais, qui sait ? (et le nombre d'article en anglais aura lui aussi certainement bien grandi). Ce que j'espère pour Wikipédia d'ici 2026, c'est qu'il remédie à ses souci de développement (qui sont des soucis d'ampleur avant-tout) et que sa solidité serve d'exemple à travers les âges, ce qui d'après mes connaissances de l'Histoire est relativement plausible. Etudiant l'électronique, je me demande surtout sur quel support on visionnera cette capsule :p
  • Wikipedia is 10 tomorrow, it's 2011, & for some reason I'm glad I didn't have Wikipedia when in school. I absorb Wiki info fast & I think I'm learning as though I was in school, but I think my mind is working well this way because - well because when I needed to learn I must not have wanted to, because I found a $20 bill hidden by my father in those huge tomes our encyclopeadias. And how would I have known how to spell encyclopeadia? My mind is working 3 times, 10x as fast now because it expanded at a natural rate.
  • Howdy Ya'll. The Wik is 10 today but is just starting out.( I am sure you are well aware of that fact) The Wik has helped me with my knowledge of almost everything and has been wonderful to keep me from being a bore at parties. I hope that We will meet together at the 25th party and my head isn't in a frozen jar or something like that. Take care of the baby. After all 10 is still young and not of legal age. Bigroger27509 01:49, 15 January 2011 (UTC)
  • You don't know me, and probably never will. I was born at a time when the Internet was a far flung hope. When I was a child, computers didn't have hard-drives. You needed to put in a square 5-inch thing called a floppy disk, turn the computer on, and work for a while. Want to change which program you're using? Turn the computer off, change the disk, turn it back on. The Internet came, and people were able to afford powerful computers. A website called Wikipedia was created and all of the knowledge of humanity was made available at our fingertips in an easily searchable format. Our world changed in ways that were unimagined to us. Fire brought us heat and light. Agriculture brought us plenty. The steam engine brought us to far lands and brought exotic goods back to us. Industrialization brought us luxury. The Internet has brought us knowledge. At no other time in human history has so much information been so freely available to so many. I don't know what kind of a world you live in or who you are, but I know that I helped to create your world. For better or for worse, what we have done in these past few years has built the world that you now live in. If your world is any less than a utopia then blame our ignorance, our greed, our pride, our warlike ways and our childlike naivety but always remember that you are creating tomorrow. What your tomorrow brings I cannot say, but I know that you are creating it. Even as you read these words. If I can leave anything behind for this world then let it be these words: Create a better tomorrow. Learn from our mistakes, don't repeat them. Create a world that is kinder, gentler, more accepting, and more merciful. Tend the garden that is our Earth.
  • My greatest hope for mankind is that the projects like this are able to maintain themselves in the face of all the threats be they political/economic etc. In 2011 there is a great deal of fear concerning our rights and liberties. Wikipedia is one of our concerns. It's has risen to become a bastion of noble hope. I sincerely wish it every success.
  • To those who read this i met wikipedia in the year 2005 or 2006,it gave me information such as the game universe,the geam storylines,episode guides,good or bad reviews about films and so on and so on if you were the first to visit this site believe me i know this experience once and you can do the same. Belrien 12 8:40, 15 January 2011 (UTC)
  • Can't imagine what the site would be like in 2026, but I'm guessing it would be far more interactive and perhaps 3D like everything else on the internet at that time.
  • Thank you for all the knowledge and insight you provided me throughout college and high school. Wikipedia is a a symbol of humanity's potential - our ability to produce and share new knowledge is what makes us unique. I believe in the future this yearning to know and understand will guide us through the darker elements of our nature. Wikipedia encapsulates our greatest hope. Looking forward to seeing Wikipedia in 2026!
  • Hello, 2026. I am Jeremjay24, a former editor, active from 2009 to 2010. I look forward to seeing 2026. Wikipedia is in your hands. If you are a contributor to the articles in this online library, I thank you for helping build this site up with information. I thank the people who donated, fundraising to keep Mr. Wales add vital technology. Thank you, readers, because you are the main reason why we are up - for you guys to read; from the technology. If you never helped, please do. Go to pages of subjects that you like and add information, and fix misleading information! I'm looking forward to it! Jeremjay24 04:34, 15 January 2011 (UTC)
  • The most memorable quotes during my Engineer studies was "I do not know the answer, but you can ask Wikipedia". It was, and still is, one of the best teachers I've met.
  • Wikipedia gives me a clear view into the human collective! This is what the internet is all about - j0wy 01:07, 15 January 2011 (EST)
  • Hallo Jimmy Wales, happy birthday for wikipedea! and good luck! furtheron! Nevertheless I have many doubts: I have seen ever so many pages with really heavy mistakes! I am a very engaged person - therefore I excuse myselve for my "non activity" concerning correction! From Chlebnikow,a very important poet of "Russian Avantgardism", to Joseph Beuys, a name of a world known artist I don`t have to explain, I have seen mistakes over mistakes! And: Your advertisement for the 10th birthday is horrible! It looks picturial like "Brot für die Welt". Information is not bread. And even if bread is quite different from "information", you should have chosen another picturial expression, to make the difference clear. This means your picture of the world as well: a half ended globus of knwoledge has nothing to do with a half ending globus of human existence. Information can help, but information always follows the stream of information! My respect towards the organisation "wikipedea" is my respect! But my wish for your birthday: keep the difference in mind, that information is nothing more than some lovely blue birds Tunes of the vision to change the world. Perhaps I have written all this in vain. Because I am in the false discussion room. It seems to be the room for the future. The imagination of future always takes its starting point from the basis of conditions of facts and imaginations of the present. Let`s keep the basic as precisiously as possible and the vision as hundertcoulered Collibris! Nevertheless: Happy Birthday. Greatings Frauke
  • So, the data survived intact. Good. And, hello there. Hey, let me ask you a few quick questions. I'm assuming that Wikipedia is now delightfully easy and fun to contribute to -- a social, real-time experience, with fantastic wiki-style collaboration tools (edit, discussion, annotation ..) for all types of content beyond text (videos, timelines, maps, slideshows, 3D models, ..)? That we've overcome deletionism and policy creep, and instead renewed our focus on providing the best available information on any topic? That data is managed intelligently and that we have high quality open source machine translation for most of the world's languages? That Wikipedia is woven into the fabric of society, including educational and cultural institutions, as a place of learning, sharing, and discovery? That our community is millions strong, empowered and taking ownership of all our challenges? That we are in fact serving every person on the planet seeking knowledge, and that we've made learning from Wikipedia so playful and fun that it's become truly addictive? That Wikipedia and its organizing principles have inspired new cooperative community success stories that we couldn't have imagined in our wildest dreams? And that what we're doing is still considered radical? What do you mean, there are still some open issues? Well, let's get back to work then!--Erik Moeller, January 15, 2011
  • I hope the future is all I've mentally hyped it up to be - GBHALL
  • you are the best thing in the XXI century on the Net !!!
  • Saluton! En 2001, Vikipedio komenciĝis. En la sama jaro, la Vikipedio en Esperanto estas startita. Nun en 2011 ili ambaŭ estas tre gravaj projektoj: la Vikipedio kiel tuto estas la plej granda fonto de libera scio por la tuta mondo; la Vikipedio en Esperanto estas la plej granda kolekto de enciklopediaj informoj en Esperanto, kaj ankaŭ tre grava dokumento pri la Esperanto-movado. Neniu scias nun, kia estos la mondo en 2026, sed mi kredas ke tiuj du gravaj malkovroj kiuj liberigas la homaron kaj helpas al egaleca komunikado - Vikipedio kaj Esperanto - ankaŭ en tiu tempo plu prosperos kaj estos estimataj de vi, la generacio de miaj gefiloj. --Marek Blahuš, la 15-an de januaro 2011
  • Asalamalaikum Wikipedia! You have always been a great friend to me. I hope that my kids also learn from you all the great things that you have helped me learn. You have made it possible to gain knowledge without boundaries. - Syed Ali Asad Rizvi
  • ¡HOLA 2026! Conocí wikipedia durante mi enseñanza secundaria y desde entonces no me ha dejado. En ella he descubierto un mundo de información que durante estos años a pasado a formar parte de mi educación y eso es lo que le agradezco infinitamente porque la educación es la mejor herramienta que tenemos los seres humanos para avanzar. Espero seguir utilizando wikipedia para resolver mis dudas y avanzar en mi vida. Espero, asi mismo, que cuando leamos estos mensajes en 2026 el mundo haya cambiado un poco para mejor y estaré convencida de que la labor llevada a cabo por wikipedia habrá ayudado a conseguirlo. FELIZ 10 ANIVERSARIO WIKIPEDIA!!- Virginia Ameijenda Espasandín, Galicia, España
  • Hello Wikipedia of 2026. It's interesting to see how a tiny idea can change so many people, so many thoughts and fates. I wonder how we all will be like in 15 years, because the world in the 21st century is changing faster than ever. Especially those, who are growing up with Wikipedia, I want to remember them thate possibility of having such a great chance like Wikipedia has to be thought as a gift.
Happy Birthday and keep growing!
  • Ciao Wikipedia del 2026! E' bello sapere che il numero degli utenti italiani è decuplicato, e che Wikipedia è diventato il testo principale di tutte le scuole di ogni ordine e grado in Italia! Pensare che quando ti ho conosciuto io (nel 2003) ancora molte delle voci italiane erano solo abbozzi! Grazie a te a tutti quelli che hanno contribuito a farti diventare quella che sei! Buon compleanno e continua così!
  • Hello Wikipedia 2026! Wikipedia from 15 years ago was medium-sized I wish that you use it correctly and it grows until it is the largest online encyclopaedia.I hope that there is enough for the probable 9 billion people and that we may have mad a mistake about the wars sparked by the constantly increasing world population!Best wishes from England.
  • Hello Wikipedia of 2026! In 1988, my heart was broken when I had to leave a full set of Encyclopedias behind to move to another city. Knowledge to me, was the only power I had as a 14 year old girl, and that was being taken away from me. Over the last 10 years I have grown to enjoy and depend on Wikipedia not only for the random bits of knowledge I share in conversation, but as a crucial tool in my career. Thank you, to those who turned a concept into a reality that has made knowledge available instantly, everywhere I go. Thank you for creating a "Set of Encyclopedias" that will never be taken away from me! In 2026, my Daughters will be successful young ladies, maybe even famous for one thing or another. I know you will play a great part of their learning process, and now I know they will be able to see my words to them here telling them that I love them, and I am so proud of what they have become. Ciao~KristelaC~OKC
  • Поздрав свима у години 2026, ваљда се досада свет није урушио и васцела српска Википедија има преко 5 милиона чланака! Бог дао здравља!
  • Hello Wikipedia, I hope You are not self aware of your existence. If by any chance you are (might be quite possible contemplating your growth rate), I want to thank you for expanding my knowledge beyond level otherwise impossible and I am very gratified towards you for all the help you offered me this long. Ankur Sharma, Nepal.
  • Hello Wikipedia. There is not much to say. I agree with at least 99% of anything that the oters wrote already. Greetings from me [FreeNode: xy | WP: --Simey00wiki 19:30, 15 January 2011 (UTC)]
  • Update: I look forward to 2026 [FreeNode: xy | WP: --Simey00wiki 19:35, 15 January 2011 (UTC)]
  • Hello 2026,well I guess you should know how things were like back in 2011. One can only dream how advance the world will be in next 15 years,how America will be facing her fall,and most of all, how people look back and forward on Wikipedia. See ya in few years.
  • You have proven yourself useful for many so far. I hope you are still doing the same in 15 years. I will be watching.
  • 10 millions of articles include those start-class articles that deserve D-class or E-class, when reading articles, one should ascertain that they have B-class or better to be reliable. Rursus 21:37, 15 January 2011 (UTC)
    • correction: ~3.5 millions on en.wikipedia.org, of them 85,000 have B-class or better, Rursus 21:43, 15 January 2011 (UTC)
  • Hello Wikipedia 2026! You have saved me many times in your first 10 years from 2001 to 2011, and I can't express my thanks enough. I am positive that you will continue to be a useful tool to myself and others, especially as we continue on in the future. Keep up the good work; can't wait to see you in 2026. ~ Brandon (qaz)
  • Dia Dhuit conás átá tú? I hope you are enjoy reading our messages and I hope Wikipedia is still going strong in 2026 and would like to thank you for taking the time to help to make Wikipedia a good example of how wiki's should work. Pro66 23:12, 15 January 2011 (UTC)
  • Hello Future! Thank you Wikipedia for getting me through my degree with relative ease. Without you I would have spent countless hours piling through mountains of books, but you made it all so simple.
  • Hola a los lectores del 2026. Estoy seguro que ustedes hoy utilizan esta poderosa enciclopedia tal y como yo lo hacía en el 2011. Es sin dudas uno de los inventos más importantes de los que se hablará cuando se escriba la historia del siglo XXI. Gracias a quienes hicieron todo esto posible, y felicidades por el décimo aniversario. Happy Birthday Wikipedia!!!
  • Hello 2026. Tengo 35 años,pero cuando tenía 18, comencé a utilizar Wikipedia por primera vez gracias a que mi novio me la mostró, y desde entonces he caminado junto a ella en un mundo de sabiduría y conocimiento.Gracias Wikipedia por existir. Amaya,La Habana,Cuba.
  • At ten Wikipedia is popular, but still not considered authoritative. We are putting out a call to action to increase participation and user registration, which in hindsight might be interesting to consider. At this time, reading Wikipedia is fun, and re-reading articles is especially fun, as the articles change over time. You see flame wars in the discussions, sockpuppets for serial vandals, an widely debunked myths presented as encyclopedic material. Still, like the web itself, a lot of good information is in here. Thank you future for being involved! Create42000 02:07, 16 January 2011 (UTC)
  • Hello Wikipedia of 2026, firstly i want to express my thanks to wikipedia for guiding me when i was doing my school's project. I cant even finish my school project without wikipedia. This is because I can search and find all the information and pictures that I require for my project. Besides, I also want to thank the founder of wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, thank to him I can learn and discover a lot of knowledge about history, biography and so on! Thanks a lot!
  • This is a legacy for you, we have left you no money, no worldly goods, just our experiences and knowledge from the past. It will allow you to make choices, solve problems, explore other cultures without leaving your own. One thing is clear at the outset, you will never read it all, but if you get to this message, read on, there will be another along very soon.Francis E Williams 14:18, 16 January 2011 (UTC)
  • Bonjour Wikipédia du futur. Par ce message, j’espère de tout mon coeur voir cette encyclopédie dispensé de toute ses imperfections, et ainsi devenir l'un des outils les plus riches et des plus utiles qui soit. J'ai confiance qu'il le deviendra.LD!
  • Привет, Википедия 2026 года! Надеюсь, и в 2026 году ты будешь столь же велика и прекрасна (и даже ещё более), как и в 2010-м! Это не первое здесь сообщение кириллицей, но первое на русском, и я счастлив представить здесь русскую Википедию. И пусть она десятая сейчас, и какой бы она ни была тогда, русская, как, впрочем, и любая другая Википедия (а особенно английская, которая, надеюсь, так и останется первой), есть символическое событие начала нового, двадцать первого века! И пусть в учебниках истории будущего двадцать первый век будет начинаться не с грустных вещей вроде 11 сентября, а с открытия нового вида представления информации - Википедии! Январь Первомайский (извините, не готов писать реальное имя), Москва, Россия, планета Земля, 15:30 17 января 2011 года по московскому зимнему времени (12:30 Jan 17, 2011 UTC)
  • Wikipedia of 2026, Greetings on your 25th anniversary! I came across you first in 2003. Till 2011, the time I wrote this message, I saw you grow and evolve incredibly and revolutionize the way we document, chronicle and gather information online. Every time I saw the globe made of multilingual pieces of jigsaw puzzle fitted together, it reminded me you were the sum-total of the Wikipedians' efforts of piecing together every bit of everything worth knowing. You weren't yet the repository of all knowledge possessed by humankind ever but you were nevertheless gigantic. You showed that documenting knowledge and contributing to it need not be the exclusive domain of experts and authorities and that knowledge can flow freely if we desire for it to be so. What I liked most about you is that you were free in every sense - free of cost, censorship and constraints. My wish for you is that you stay truly free forever. Rohini 18:25, 17 January 2011 (UTC)
  • I hope anybody will read this message in 2026. My fear is that the wikipedia community will decrease over time, and that new information will hardly be added. However I hope and I think that the knowledge will be kept available for ever, maybe not as wikipedia or a wiki, but in a new and better form. HenkvD 12:40, 18 January 2011 (UTC)
  • thanks wikipedia you have made that my school homeworks,investigation be easier for me i found answer of my doubts and i'm sure i'll do it for a long time i hope that. (:
  • In 2011 Online encyclopedia is synonym with Wikipedia. In 2026 Encyclopedia will be synonym with Wikipedia. That's what I hope for. HenkvD 20:05, 19 January 2011 (UTC)
  • hi everyone....this is Betson George from Delhi, India .January 2011 as we celebrate Wikipedia's 10th anniversary..i would like to wish the team all the very best ,this site has been a very helpful resource for me ,the last 5 to 6 years..hope it continues to go this way...oh wait!hope it grows to be the most visited website and hope more and more people contribute,share and learn from it...and we have a smarter, well informed world..!this is just the spark to another big bang!

stay tuned! :)

  • Hola 2026. Wikipedia es parte de mi vida. Cada vez que necesito hacer una investigación o tengo duda sobre algo entro a este sitio y se resuelve mi problema. Por eso agradezco a Wikipedia y a todos los que también forman parte de ella. !Que Wikipedia cumpla muchos años más! ~R. Wolf~
  • Wikipedia, thanks for helping me search in you. I've done good in school and even during free time when I just like to investigate stuff on the Internet. Welcome to 2026, and I first went on Wikipedia in 2005. It has more than 50 languages with a million or more articles in it. Wikipedia should never change! -Jose Arellano from Fresno, California, United States
  • 2026, Hello. Its me, just that regular contributor contributing another piece of the Time Capsule. 25 years. 25 years of joy, 25 years of sadness, 25 years of spamming, 25 years of Featured Articles. 2011, when Wikipedia reached its 10 years, was a treasured year. Wikipedia is an amazing project. It is astonishing that 1 person, can make a big difference. I predict that by 2026, Wikipedia has reached its 1000000000th article at the English language, has over 1000000 active contributors, a few celebrations for other languages reaching they're 100000th, 2000000th or 3000000th article, a grand total of 1000000000+ articles, a grand total of 5000000000+ edits, and a grand total of 100000000+ users. 11:40, 15 February 2011 (UTC)