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The event started at 10 AM and had 12 participants (including the bird). Kalyan tweeted a bit about it. There was an initial presentation by Prashanth, a discussion and hands-on workshop on editing, uploading photos, using automated editing tools, categorisation etc.

New users created

  1. en:User:Prashanthns
  2. en:User:Kalyanvarma
  3. en:User:Shankar Raman
  4. Nisarg
  5. en:User:Divyamudappa
  6. en:User:Saravanakumar Salem
  7. en:User:PJeganathan
  8. en:User:saynotomining
  9. en:User:Ranggster
  10. en:User:Ltmananda
  11. The Whistling thrush refused to give up its singing perch.


  • Many photos by TRSR. He used Commonist for batch uploads. See his category
  • And so did Kalyan. See here

Articles touched

  1. en:Oriental Small-clawed Otter
  2. en:Malabar gliding frog

Quotes from participants

One line smart quotes from participants

  • Veni, vidi, wiki!