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I have spent over seven years studying in colleges and universities. And everytime I'm given an assignment or paper to research on, guess where I first look for the information I'm looking for? I know most of the Doctors and Professors don't exactly approve of wiki based websites and their content, but I've looked where ever they said had loads of information, and modestly speaking their so-called sources of information and data are out dated at best.

I don't care if the information I get from these webpages is dependable or not. All I have to do is continue on researching and I will find out for myself. Besides, in a country where books are really hard to come by (espcially recently published ones), do we really have a choice, but thank God that we have wikipedia?

I've learnt a lot from this site, and always wanted to contribute. But everytime I think of a topic area in which I can contribute, I find an article on it that makes me feel so small. So, right now, the best I can do, is forward my appreciation to all the creators of wiki pages and all those that had the honor and the common senes to take time and leave something for the people of world to learn from. Turely - KUDOS!