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Iam continueing our discussion, yesterday we talk on Abuja and it environ, today we are going to look at Abuja in detail.Abuja, the Federal capital of Nigeria[FCT] is devided into six area council with each has it chairman and councellors, The city is characterised by mai ruwa; the water howkers and often and then light was not stable on and off, by NEPA,or PHCN. that make generator set the main power. The city also has a market othe than supper markets one of the populer market is wuse, market whre you can shop everything,meant for domestic, cusmetics and food items. you note that there plaza where shops and other business are feutured. This Abuja.As we have already noted, the ruling peoplr Democratic Party held her conventio yesterday to determind who will run it presidency come april, luckily the incubent president Good luck Ebele Jonathan won, the primaries, if evetually he become the next president, the scond term tenure would come to end our expectation, peharp he might want to continiued with his earstwhile President Late Musa Yaradua's seven point agenda, we are watching.The feutures and challenges, Abuja the modan city had had water problems and the eviroment are nothing to write home about though you can see evercuate vehicle around, yet dustbeas are found everywhere, we hope the next Government will do some thing about that, importantly, iam urging the possibly international organisation in Abuja, should come to aid Abuja to road across the city, road has be a menace to people living in area like Federal housing Estate Nyanya\ Karu, the oad are dpledated, especially during the rain seasson, as well as consruct the karu and Nyanya market to meet international standard.Thank God Blessed you.

Reorganizing iron industry

In the past Government have proposed to reactivate the nations ailignindustry, through concesorniaring, and up till now nothing positve was done to realised, the industry It is true that the legistlature have thier own side of blame as they donot care to hold talk about nation industry The way we always cheat ourselve by change that has no direct bearing on the citizenary, and we continued crying fowl, for lack employment,As the Nation builders we have not for goten the former minister of information, have annouced that road from Okene Ayangba was awarded and up till now there are nothing on this road even the former road is dipladating, around Ajegwu village is ipassable, Mr. President please take urgent action to see that work comence on this road without delay.Mr, president , the true story, is that Government did not show concern about failing industries suposing to be so aur agriculture might accountable for the Nation's GDP. in the absent of this the government therefor concentrate on foriegn earn, and make life dificult for the citizenary.Agricultural minisry should be organize to ensure accountability,