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Wikipedia Decade Anniversary


With Loads of enthusiasm and admiration towards the online encyclopedia giant, Wikipedia, Ochre Media would like to celebrate Wiki Decade Anniversary. Wikipedia has been a great teacher, valuable resource and more importantly omni present.
This is a GURU DAKSHINA (Offering to a Teacher) from one of the most constructively affected bodies in the media world. This is pay back to an austere organisation ( from the employees of ochre media.


January 17th 2011 4.00 PM (IST)


Ochre Media Pvt Ltd
Media Resource Center
Andhra Pradesh, India


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  1. Introduction: Look Back Of Wikipedia Resource
  2. A Brief On wikipedia contributions to the online community
  3. Exclusive and Unique Thank Giving to Wikipedia's Founder and Authors
  4. Celebrations

Dedication to Wikipedia Resources

Wikipedia is the one resource which can turn a rookie to novice, an enthusiast to even more confident, and make a master more curious. It is a great idea by the founders to bring the anniversary celebrations to every corner of the world. We wish to dedicate a couple of hours on a weekday and memorise all the Wikipedia search we did, and how help full it had been to our organisation. Then follows the celebrations. Above all the main agenda would be to start a session on 'Wikipedia.

Any suggestions are dearly welcomed.


Mohammed Azeemuddin
Manager-Web Business, Product Promotions
Ochre Media Pvt Ltd, India

  • can also mail us at info[at]ochre-media[dot]com

Post Event

The event was successfully celebrated as it was planned. The agenda was quite clear. And we followed it exactly. More on our 'agenda' for Wikipedia decade anniversary will be updated soon through our blogs. Ochre Media's support for Wikipedia to achieve its next target, to penetrate more into most other parts of the world, will be our unique dedication. The dedication to Wikipedia & its resources is still pending. We shall duly pay that, in right time when it needs to be payed. Mean while we wish to share the following album of photographs which stand as memoirs for one of our healthy celebrations. We thank the founders once again for providing us another reason to celebrate.