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Seattle, WA

From Wikipedia 10
Date & Time
4:00pm - 6:00pm, January 15th, 2011
Join us in Seattle for the celebration of Wikipedia's tenth anniversary! Just so that you have something to remember this momentous occasion, we will be giving away free t-shirts, buttons, stickers and other anniversary products! Thanks to Karl's Bakery & Cafe there will be two cakes and we will sing Happy Birthday to Wikipedia!
The event will be hosted at Metrix Create Space (which is about two miles from the Experience Music Project / Science Fiction Museum.) Directions from Google Maps are available here.
Karl's Bakery & Cafe will be sponsoring the event by making two cakes, which will feature the Wikipedia globe logo!
ElginOwens.com and anyone else who wants to help out.

Facebook Event

Attending users

What we did

  • Tried to make wireless keyboard work
  • Played 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Found in 12 links from a random page.
12. Kevin Bacon - 5:08 PM
11. A Few Good Men - 5:07 PM
10. Tom Cruise filmography - 5:05 PM
9. Tom Cruise - 5:02 PM
8. Being John Malkovich - 5:01 PM
7. John Malkovich - 5:00 PM
6. Howard Hughes - 4:59 PM
5. List of aviators - 4:58 PM
4. Aviator - 4:58 PM
3. Profession - 4:57 PM
2. Professional - 4:57 PM
1. APEN Agiou Athanasiou
  • Sang Happy Birthday Wikipedia
  • Ate cake