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January 15, 2011.
Meeting with Wikipedia supporters and lovers
Fazıl Ahmet Gülşen

Hello everyone. On January 15 we are going to celebrate 10th year of Wikipedia in Sarajevo/Baščaršija-Sebilj. We can go to historical places or narghila cafes to have fun. Meeting is going to be at 13.00(Local Time). We hope to see Wikipedia lovers :). Feel free to communicate. organizer's e-mail is

Thank you..

Participants Messages
i think, it is better to sit in a café and have narghila and/or coffee and talk, there must be something further than just gathering together, because it can be borring if there is no purpose, my suggestion for those who participates; prepare some powerpoint presentations to inform us about anything, and it can be handled in Turkuaz café in ilidza it has nice atmosphere for now (temporary) and there is projector we can use. and who are attenting? please edit this page put your name or nick name here so we can see how many people attending. i would like to socialize with Bosnians.
              1) Fazıl Ahmet Gülşen 
              2) [Nick] Kiseljak 
              3) Andrej
              4) Sonja
              5) Irfan