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From Wikipedia 10
Sunday, 22 May 2011


This is a celebration which will be held four months (and a week) after the real 'Wikipedia day'. The four months was selected as we are eagerly waiting for the four millionth article on Wikipedia. The celebration will basically consist of some short fun games testing your 'Wiki' skills. We may also include some quizzes among the local schools and the winner will be awarded in this event. The other events may also include events like debate and poster competitions. But the matters are subject to change. Other events include a short seminar which will basically consist of sharing ideas and proposals for the development of this internet community. We are also waiting to give out a lot of Wikipedia merchandise. So thumbs up guys.

The seminar will focus on the following topics:

  • The importance of Wikipedia in the local and less reached areas of the globe.
  • The importance of increase in awareness to control vandalization and quality control of articles.
  • The importance of each individual as a contributor.

Trying to hold talks with the NIT chaps that will add to celebrations.


Actually it has not been decided. In-fact we need to arrange according to number of people that turn up for this event. Anyway one can be sure it wont been on moon !! Will be somewhere up here in Rourkela.


Tentative Attendees

  • Akash Sahoo
  • Ajay Sudeep Raj
  • Parit Yadav
  • R Raghuraman
  • Yasser M
  • Rohit Prabhakar
  • Apurba Kumar
  • Simon Mitra
  • Kirti Raj
  • Abhijeet Pani
  • Debashis Mohanty
  • Akash Roy
  • Vishal Mishra
  • Pankaj Swain
  • Subham Rath
  • Girish Pradhan
  • Gaurav Biswas
  • Manisha Garg
  • Indushree Dutta
  • Narendra Nag
  • Prabhat Kar
  • Sushil Kumar
  • Animesh Biswal
  • Amiya Pati
  • Suresh Sahoo
  • Purab M

You may also join the celebration by sending a mail expressing your interest to 'santymonty0000atgmail.com'

Please keep watching this space for future details.

Santak Ku Mohanty.
For any further queries and suggestions feel free to contact Santak at santymonty0000atgmail.com