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Lucknow / लखनऊ / لکھنو (Uttar Pradesh, India)

This is the page for organising the 10th anniversary celebrations of Wikipedia in Lucknow.


30th January,2011


Come Join Us to celebrate a day of 10 years free knowledge for all, to celebrate the anniversary of what has become the synonym of encyclopedia, our Loved WIKIPEDIA.

Sorry for the delay we were in a process of requesting some items from wikipedia but we were not able to get any response from them for about a week so we couldnt plan and now are gonna proceed without taking into account anything from wikipedia and for that reason are postponing the date.
Update:We have news that they are currently not responding to later events because of the burden of 15th Jan events so they will respond to us later, hopefully.

In the meanwhile you people can look at some other event posts or practice your photography skills


McDonald's,Fun Republic Mall,Gomti Nagar,Lucknow


All interested people may gather at about 12:00PM considering its pretty cold nowadays.


Wikipedian Nawabs


Tentative Attendees
  • Divyanshu Srivastava
  • Kiran Yadav
  • Lokesh Kumar Singh
  • Amit Pratap Singh
  • Ankur Asthana
  • Piyush Raj Verma
  • Amit Makhija
  • Shobhit Sharma
  • Yash Jaiswal
  • Anshika Parihar
  • Kavish Ilias
  • Srishti Pathak
  • Rohan Saraswat
  • Baqar Rizvi
  • Sunny Garg
  • Ashish Chaturvedi
  • Vinay Verma
  • Ashish Ojha
  • Gufran Siddiqui
  • Dileep Kumar Jaiswal
  • Nitish Kumar Sharma
  • Arpit Sharma
  • Kiran
  • Ashutosh Sharma
  • Alok Singh
  • Muhammad Shadab Khan
  • Kirti Mishra
  • Manisha Singh
  • Amar Pandey
  • Hafeez Khan
  • Ankur Anand
  • Shweta Shukla
  • Maddy Ghosh
  • Surya Prakash
  • Sankalp Shah
  • Gaurav Shrivastava
  • Mayank Mehrotra
  • Umang Sharma
  • Varun Shrivastava
  • Jeetendra Padhi