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Kolkata (former Calcutta) / কলকাতা (West Bengal, India)

Saturday, 15-January-2011 4:30 PM IST
We have planned a one day event in Kolkata to celebrate Wikipedia's 10th anniversary. Below are notes of discussions at W10 Kolkata. Please add your thoughts, discuss here / mailing list.
Wikimedia Community in Kolkata



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Date:1630 hours on 15 January 2011
Seagull Arts and Media Resource Centre
36C S. P. Mukherjee Road,
Calcutta 700 025
Contact No. : 9836294438 (Jayanta Nath mailto:jayantanth@gmail.com ) / 9830020971 (Indranil Das Gupta)

Main meetup schedule

  • 10 Things You May Not Know About Wikipedia
Bishakha Datta, documentary filmmaker and member, board of trustees, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Know About the World's 6th Most Spoken Language: Bengali Wikipedia
Jayanta Nath, administrator and editor, Bengali Wikipedia
  • Crowdsourcing 101: Wikipedia's Role in Teaching, and Vice Versa
Rimi B Chatterjee, storyteller cum novelist, academic and editor, English wikipedia
  • Open Discussions
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