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File:10 years wikipedia nepal celebration.png
10 years of Wikipedia - Kathmandu celebration

Katmandu / ne:काठमाडौं / काठमाण्डू

विकिपीडिया-१०, नेपाल

January 15, 2011
IOE, Pulchowk Campus
1PM NST onwards [Sharp]


On the 1st Magh 2067 Māghe Saṅkrānti (15th of Jan 2011), all the community around the world are celebrating the 10th anniversary of wikipedia. And here in nepal we are celebrating it at IOE, Pulchowk Campus. Lets make it a grand success.

Organized by: Supported by:
Nepali Wikipedia(विकिमिडिया नेपाल)
Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd. (JTPL)


Special Invitees

  • Dr. Tulsi Diwas, Linguist, Literateur
  • Ms. Sulochana Manandhar, Academician- Nepal Academy
  • Mr. Lochan Lal Amatya, President- IT Professional Foroum (ITPF)
  • Mr. Kedar Nath Sharma, Media Worker
  • Mr. Eukesh Ranjeet (Pioneer in Nepali Wikipedia)
  • Mr. Indiveer Badal (Pioneer in Nepali Wikipedia)


Notice: Please bring your Laptop or Notebook. We will have parallel Live Wikipedia-Contribution Section.

Please add your name after this line if you're interested!
(and point to the page which describes you, like twitter, faceboook, personal homepage.. , not anything else.)
  1. Subash Dharel
  2. Prakash Timilsina(JTPL)
  3. Sujit Maharjan
  4. Subodh Bashyal (NBMC)
  5. Gaurab Lama
  6. Pratik Man Singh Pradhan
  7. Uddhab Chaulagain
  8. Pravash raut
  9. Kanchan Duwadi
  10. Suraj Sapkota (JTPL)
  11. Manish Modi (JTPL)
  12. Dhruba Adhikari (JTPL)
  13. Ram Limbu (D2HS) (khajum007atgmail.com)
  14. Arvind Sah (JTPL)
  15. Laxman Kasula (JTPL)
  16. Kanchan Rai (JTPL)
  17. Amit Agrawal (JTPL)
  18. Lakesh Kansakar
  19. Sankalp Karn
  20. Subodh Raj Satyal (UTPL)
  21. Nitesh Rijal
  22. Lochan Acharya
  23. Sudip Bhattrai
  24. Amit Bajracharya
  25. Rijendra Shakya
  26. Prabin Dahal
  27. rupak shrestha
  28. Sujan Karanjeet
  29. Manohar Khatri
  30. Dinesh Dhakal
  31. Adeel Manandhar
  32. Santosh Ghimire
  33. Rabi Bhattarai
  34. Prasun Shrestha
  35. Ritu Raj Lamsal
  36. Rohan G. Vaidya
  37. Cyabari Shrestha
  38. Om B. Khadka
  39. Nischal Tuladhar
  40. Nirmal Gyanwali
  41. Jitendra Harlalka
  42. Ankur Sharma
  43. Kalendra Bikram Shahi
  44. Amar maharaj Rautela Pal
  45. Gagan singh Suryabansi Rajput
  46. Utsav Shrestha
  47. Vivek Bhusal
  48. Dambar Raj Paudel, WN
  49. Malati Thapa, WN
  50. Nisha Lamichhane, WN
  51. Shree Krishna Shrestha, WN
  52. Anil Aryal
  53. Rishikesh Dhakal
  54. Robin Rai
  55. Ajit Thakali
  56. Beck Sharma
  57. Vinod Bhandari
  58. राजेन्द्र सुबेदी
  59. Narkaji Gurung
  60. Biraj Upadhyaya
  61. Bishnu Bhandari
  62. Ganesh Paudel - विकिमिडिया नेपाल
  63. Ajit Thakali
  64. Pabitra Gurung
  65. Rabin Dhital
  66. Swapnil Acharya
  67. D. Gautam
  68. उज्ज्वल लामिछाने
  69. Shantira Dahal
  70. Rabin Acharya,KEC
  71. Ambarish Pokhrel (ambarishpokhrelATgmailDOTcom)
  72. Dipesh Raj
  73. Anjan Shrestha
  74. Prashant Shrestha(YIPL)
  75. Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka
  76. Bikram Adhikari
  77. Hempal Shrestha - विकिमिडिया नेपाल Foss Nepal Community
  78. Chandra Chakradhar
  79. Ajaya N. Mali
  80. Subin Adhikari (master_stillAThotmailDOTcom)
  81. Kapil Koju, KEC
  82. Sanjib Lamsal,KEC
  83. Sushant Raj Giri
  84. Saroj Acharya
  85. Barun Ray
  86. Rahul Thakur
  87. Sandesh Pathak
  88. Subash Chandra Poudel
  89. Nab In
  90. ujwal2
  91. Tika Jung B.K.
  92. Biplab Pokhrel
  93. Sandesh Rai

So exactly what is going to happen on 15 January?

  • Intro
  • Birthday celebration
  • Video by Jimmy Wales
  • Historical sketch on Wikipedia and its sister projects and wikimedia foundation- Indiveer Badal (Sysop, Nepali Wikipedia)
  • Current Situation of Nepali Wikipedia- Ganesh Paudel (Sysop, Nepali Wikipedia)
  • Trend on Recent Internet Technology.- Lochan Lal Amatya-(President ITPF)
  • Language and Technology- Dr. Tulsi Diwas
  • Stage of Devanagari content in online and Media- Kedar Nath Sharma (Media Worker)
  • Basic hands-on training on how to contribute to wikipedia.
  • Live content contribution to [ne|en].wikipedia.org
  • Parallel: Wikiffee ;)
  • Parallel: Hackjatra, there needs to be sth for hackers at least.

Ssapkota 19:20, 15 January 2011 (UTC)

Add on your views here with name

  • I really appreciate Wikipedia. I have been using it since school and I find almost all the content and references I need from here. I am really glad to know there's gonna be an event regarding Wikipedia.......Pratik Man Singh Pradhan........www.pmspratik.com.np
  • I love you wikipadia,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,You are heartly welcome at Kathmandu,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Waiting for wikipedia team,,,,,Pravash raut,,,,,,,,,,pravash_rautathotmail.com
  • I really want to get to KTM on time, dont want to miss the pleasure to get together with wikipedia community in Nepal.Sudip2118
  • Well, I want to be there to celebrate with my best site.. Yuvraj Rimal Twitter - facebook and my id playwithtime[at]gmail.com
  • All the Best to wikipedia - Nepal team. Wish you the best Success and Happy New Year. I wish I could join and cherish the moments. But keep up the spirit brothers. All support is with you people. - Serij Suwal|(twitter.com/thenameisseriz).
  • I hope our Nepalese brothers and sisters would work together to contribute more to Wikipedia and also to include more about Nepal, wherever it is relevant and required. Wikipedia will live forever!! Narottam Shrestha
  • I hope there will be a maximum participation in this event although we will miss some of the fellow wikipedians and fossians including AKS, Prabin, Pravab. I hope these people will be included in addition to people from Foss Nepal, and fellow Wikipedians
Subir dai,
Hempal Shrestha,
Ganesh Paudel,
Kedar Sharma,
-RajeshPandey 07:12, 11 January 2011 (UTC)
  • I am happy to see friends organizing a program for Wikipedia10. I hope it will be a landmark in the history of Nepali Wikipedia Movement. As the day fell in quite difficult time for me. But I am trying to attend it. --गणेश पौडेल 11:22, 11 January 2011 (UTC)
  • Hi Iam prabha from Nepal Really appriciated with the 10 anniversary celebration of WIKIPEDIA but I am new about it Intrested to know more about it. please realese more about on my email:pravanpathotmail.com - thanks Prabha
  • Hi I am Suman. I congratulate Wikipedia.org on 10th year celebrations. It has been a phenomenal for people like us to find a almost all of the answers and facts, with just a click. With slow increase in internet usages day by day, more and more of Nepalese netizens are becoming familiar about the usefulness of wikipedia, but I am pretty sure that the number is much more lesser. Despite the huge wealth of informations and facts in Wikipedia, many Nepalese users are not able to use it. Its nice to find a team celebrating WIKIPEDIA's 10th anniversary celebration. On this very occasion, I wish and request the WIKIPEDIA to do something so that more and more Nepalese users and especially students take benefit of WIKIPEDIA.

Suman Karki, Kathmandu (now Korea) sumanknpatgmail.com

  • I am Rabin. My congratulations to this huge site. The information or the platform provided by wikipedia is very appreciable. And it is great to know that wikipedia was able to raise the huge fund to keep site easy going and upgrading. Happy Anniversary.

Rabin Acharya , erbn.net

  • Wikipedia is probably the site I visit the most...it comes ahead of facebook!!! If I want info on anything, be it a gadget or a plant...i get it from Wikipedia...and I love the fact that anyone can edit it..long live Wikipedia.. Gaurab Lama

Post-Program Comments

  • It was really a grand success of Wikipedia-10, Kathmandu. I am glad to all. --गणेश पौडेल 13:20, 15 January 2011 (UTC)
  • Thanks everyone for celebrating the 10th birthday with us. --Ssapkota 19:20, 15 January 2011 (UTC)

The Event Day

10 years celebration cake nepal chapter 2011 jan 15

The Event wasn't just a simple gathering. It turned out to be a wonderful meetup with real Wikipedians, Pioneers of Wikipedia Nepal Chapter, and future wikipedians.