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Event: Wikipedia 11th Anniversary Event 15 January
Venue : Not yet Decided
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Theme : Not yet Decided

This page is for organizing the 11th anniversary celebrations of Wikipedia in Jaipur. Well Please suggest some place to set a wiki meetup. We ( Last year organizers) will be gathering near 2nd January @ Jal Mahal Cafe Coffee Day.

If you want to contribute please drop me a mail ((alonemayankatgmail.com))

  1. Facebook Event Page [[1]]

Last Year Event Details

Atul Jamwal at printing shop

We have made it successfully. The Crowd was amazing and we had a great fun there. You can watch the fun at the event in snaps. People joined us more then we expected but the guys and girls from list of tentative attendees were few. People from all over the world made it come true. We didn't expected that much response from people. They wrote in different languages about Wikipedia and the kite festival. You will soon have the update about the event celebration.

We were supposed to do the another event but due to insufficient fund and volunteers we regret that we can not organize another event today but that doesn't mean that we will not organize another event. There will be another and the details of that event will be uploaded on this page soon.

If you feel like you can organize an event and you have a team of volunteers with some fund then contact us. We are always here to help you and some of us will join you if it is possible.

Apurva Tripathi at Printing Shop


Please do not add your name here if you can not contribute actively in the event these organisers are active and responcible for the whole event.

  1. Apurva Tripathi (alonemayankatgmail.com)
  2. Atul Jamwal (jamwal.atul1atgmail.com)
  3. Tarun Verma (atttarun.63atgmail.com)

NOTE:- If you want to contribute and help in organizing this event, e-mail us. Volunteers are welcome.


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Anshul Batra , Rahul Dukiya , Renu , Sandesh , Abhay , Mahendra , Ravindra , Chandan , Vikas

Venue: Jal Mahal, Jaipur Date : 14 January Time: 11:00 AM

Event Snaps

Alonemayank 06:11, 6 January 2011 (UTC)§ℳ₳₭§