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Guwahati / গুৱাহাটী / गुवाहाटी (Assam, India)

15 January 2011. Accompanies the Assamese festival of en:Bhogali Bihu

An evening event at Guwahati to celebrate 10 years of Wikipedia.


Segment 1: Wikipedian Community

Time: Working out an amicable time segment
Audience: Wikipedia editors
Purpose: Share events, editing tools, new topics for Wikipedia, etc.

Segment 2: Connect with other city Special Interest Groups

Time: Working out an amicable time segment
Audience: All Wikipedians
Purpose: Highlighting Assam in a wider realm in Wikipedia

Segment 3: Public event

Time: Working out
Audience: Free for all
Purpose: Discussion on how to make Wkipedia more accessible to the masses of Assam and North East India


Working out a good/spacious location at the heart of the city.

Where was this event held?


Awaiting other eager and resourceful people in Assam!!!