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15th January 2011
Celebration for the greatest ever Free!!! Wiki takes place in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Participants from several companies have already confirmed their participation and we do our best to make it a great event!
Gihan Karunathilake


Please give me the exact location. I would like to join. I'm waiting for a response from you before jan 14. thank you. බිඟුවා 15:37, 11 January 2011 (UTC)

Hi Gihan/Any official person, Other cities have planned the celebration with venue & agenda. Colombo is still pending. This function might help us to contribute & gain from Wikipedia. Please let us know the update. Siddharth.

The event is cancelled due to unavoidable reasons. But, we're hoping to form a local Wikipedia chapter with highly experienced contributors in sri lanka to popularize local languages on wiki pages.

Not sure what the unavoidable reasons were... but let's get this thing going: better late than never.