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Happy Birthday, Wikipedia!


22th January 2011

Might be few days later if the preparation is not complete. Certain to be held before the Chinese New Year (i.e. Feb. 2).

Description In celebration of 10 years of Wikipedia's existence, Wikipedians in Chongqing get together to share the Wikipedia spirit, to make more people get to know about Wikipedia, and to encourage more people to start editing and making contributions to Wikipedia.


Café talks, brief introduction to Wikipedia, editing, lunch, visiting. ( may not be able to distribute Wikipedia souvenirs. Sorry)

Planned Schedule

Started at the Vector Café near Sisyphe Bookstore on Sanxia Square in the morning (The organizers are contacting a local youth hostel with better atmosphere in the Ciqikou tourist area so that we can move there). There will be warm talks and editing, and a simple introduction on Wikipedia is also included. Anniversary Merchandises will be given out. Then some participants may have lunch at a nearby restaurant. In the afternoon there will be a themed visiting.


Local college students we invite, and the customers at the location and passers-by around. At least 50 people are planned to attend.