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Saturday 15 January 2011, 2pm-3.30pm (the times were fluid, and 'liquid')
For Canberra and the surrounding region, at Canberra Southern Cross Club at Jamison (former Western District Rugby Union Club; Cnr Catchpole & Bowman Streets, Macquarie ACT).

We did "schmooze and relax at the outdoor patio area"; it was a family friendly event as can be seen in the picture that also shows the children's playground.

We heard that some people were caught out by the dress code for the club, and did not make the event.

And, it was evident that several people heard about the event at the last minute and turned up on the day: Thanks!

Peter Ellis

Thank you to those who gave their RSVP:

  • You'll be getting the 10th anniversary "bling" (merchandise);
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