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  • We have a media advisory at Washington, D.C./Media advisory to send out to others.
  • We need to send a follow-up notice to people already registered, tell them there is a 60-person limit for the tour and logistics info.


  • Katie (aude) really doesn't have capability of doing video or recordings of anything. If someone has ability to do this, it would be awesome. U-stream or something open source, whatever we can do is good. Not picky... Video or audio recordings are not necessary but would be nice.


  • Katie will stop by NARA at some point as the event gets closer to check out how the rooms are setup, etc.



  • We submitted to get a grant to help cover expenses. We are waiting for approval.
    • approved Aude 15:24, 12 January 2011 (UTC)
    • the budget is not enough to cover the estimate from the caterers. we are figuring out what to do.


  • We will go through NARA's caterer for morning coffee & snacks, as well as lunch.
  • Need to find out how much that will cost and confirm things with NARA's special events manager. The budget should be sufficient.
    • The estimate from the caterer is far higher than we budgeted (originally for pizza, cupcakes, coffee, donuts for 120+ people); We have enough for $15 / person (100 people). Everyone may have to do lunch "on their own", and we can cover morning snacks and afternoon coffee, and maybe something at happy hour.
  • Katie is handling ordering cupcakes for the afternoon break.
    • We are getting an in-kind donation from Georgetown Cupcake! (very happy, thanks!)


  • The overall agenda is nearly set, with lightning talks, tour, trivia, and unconference sessions.

Audio / Video

  • We need to make sure there are projectors in the rooms
    • there are projectors but Kat is bringing an extra projector in case its needed (e.g. connecting MACs to the projector)
  • Are there microphones in the rooms or what?
    • there may not be microphones in both rooms are small enough that it's not an issue
  • When Katie and Kristen stop by the week before, we can double-check the A/V stuff.
  • NARA does have wi-fi, but it's pretty new. They block ports like ssh, IRC, etc. and have a nanny filter. Not sure what/if anything we can do to get IRC unblocked. Also, don't know if the wifi really has capacity for 100 wiki-nerds, but it might have to suffice.
  • NARA's wi-fi requires everyone to obtain a login. Let's get these ahead of time and available to hand out when folks arrive.
    • NARA is working on this.


  • We need some folks who are willing to "volunteer", be at the sign-in table in the morning, and generally be helpful with cleanup.
    • We have several people signed up. Need to figure out exactly how many people are needed when and for what.
      • I didn't sign up for the sign-in/tear-down because I don't really know my schedule at the moment, but I am expecting to be around to assist before and after. DanRosenthal (WMF)


  • We need to get nametags (sticker types) and pens/markers for people to write them.
    • NARA can provide these.** NARA can provide these.
  • Since we are also doing unconference sessions, we need post-it notes (Katie can get them).
    • NARA can provide these.
  • We need colored stickers (with tour times written). We will have 60, given out on a first-come first-served basis.
    • NARA can provide printed "tickets"
  • Some notepads and pens for Volunteers
    • NARA can provide these.



  • Lightning talk spots are filled
  • Kat is handling the wiki-trivia
  • User:MichChemGSI is leading a Wiki Q&A & newbies mini-workshop, since we're getting some newbies signing up. And NARA staff are newbies to Wikipedia. Other campus ambassadors may also help out with this.
  • User:Drosenthal will be available to answer questions and handle discussions about the fundraiser.


  • We got talk page notices sent out.
  • Katie contacted NPR, Washington Post, and WAMU to invite them.


  • We will be at Capitol City Brewery for the after-event happy hour. We have space reserved for 5:15/5:30 until ~8 PM. They do not ask for IDs unless you order a drink, and people can have their own checks, order whatever, etc. Katie needs to talk to them a few days before the event, just to give them a better estimate of our numbers.


  • Swag is arriving at Katie's place in the next day or so.
    • Katie got one box, and is getting another box on Jan 13. Status of a third box is unknown, but inquiring about it.
    • Two boxes arrived and that's all we are supposed to get.


  • Locker facility at NARA.
    • NARA has lockers, but they are in the researcher area. One needs to register as a researcher (takes 10 minutes). We may also have a locked closet in the conference room area that people (volunteers) can put stuff.